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Welcome to the PIELink

This website is the online home of a rapidly growing community of practice. Our aim here is to connect people involved with addressing the psychological and emotional issues that go with homelessness, and particularly in the development of 'Psychologically Informed Environments' - PIEs. 

In these pages you will find a wide selection of useful items, ranging from published papers and official guidance, to specially produced video content - all for the purpose of sharing practice, research, thoughts and opinions.

We hope this site will encourage active involvement, a community working together to extend and develop the idea, and the practice, of PIEs. The basic idea of a Psychologically Informed Environment has evolved, in the ten years (plus) since it was first suggested; and it may well continue to evolve, especially with the most recent version - known as 'PIEs 2.0', published in late 2017.

Currently, after the release in 2018 of the self assessment framework - the Pizazz - and the development more recently of a software counterpart - the PIE Abacus - there is dramatic, though still exploratory, potential for tackling more systemic issues.

For the PIElink members' on-line working parties currently proposed, see Forums : HERE.

For more on this process of constant evolution and 'development in dialogue', see the pages here on  "Is the PIE evolving?', and the video on "Learning and Enquiry and the cycles of practice-based learning'.

Featured Content

The Library

The Library is an ever expanding treasure chest, with a wide variety of documents and audio-visual content, curated for their relevance with brief introductions and commentaries.

All main pages on this main site are free to view to any one.   But the contents of the Library - and a few pages in the Members' Area - are only available to registered members.

NB: this includes the 'Pizazz on paper' documents - free to all registered members.

Members Directory

Through the Members' Directory, you can see where there are fellow members that share your interests and location; and in some cases you can make contacts, using the advanced search functions.

Otherwise, we may often be able to put members in contact with others with similar interests, by email.



We do hope to be able to resume live broadcasts, phone in 'surgeries' and members' webinars, in the coming year.

For now, here you can see a selection of past broadcasts.

But for the moment, all correspondence must be via email, plus occasional newsletters with registered members.

News & Events

Please note: the PIElink is currently un-funded; and as a consequence, this 'News and Events' area is not currently active.

With the development of the PIE iAbacus, there is the prospect of a respectable income, to sustain and even to expand this area.

But for now we are only able to issue (occasional) newsletters, and these go only to registered members


The principal intention behind this website is the wish to facilitate communication between all those working with the psychological and emotional needs of people who are homeless. 

Becoming a member is completely free and allows you full access to all features of the site.

Become a Member

  • Complete access to the library - an extensive and still growing range of related documents and media
  • A welcome from the editor; and an opportunity to talk over what particularly interests you in PIEs
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  • Email notifications of major new developments - now infrequent but still valuable.
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The Library

There is now so much material on the net that is relevant to PIEs, it can be hard to find just what you really need.
Our new PIELink site introduces the Library - a searchable catalogue of documents, videos, podcasts and more.

Members' Directory

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With our new Members' Directory and map, you can see where there are other PIELink members in your area, or working on the same issues.

Using a range of selected keywords, it's quick and painless to identify others who share your interests, whatever your location.

Good Questions


In this section of the site, we present a variety of issues in the development of PIEs in practice.

Individual sections include links to published papers on specific aspects, and/or to other sites.

Browse these pages under 'Discussions' in the main menu, HERE.

Groups and Forums


Our aim here is to connect and engage the community through conversation and practice exchange: to introduce special interest groups and forums, and 'advice surgery' sessions. The availability and ease of use of live streaming in the 21st Century makes all such things possible. .

After a long gap, we are now able to resume the forums area. For current discussions see: FORUMS