Why is it called 'Pizazz'?

'Pizazz' is a show biz term, that means flair, sparkle, dynamism, creativity - and maybe a hint of courage, to stand out, and do something bold.

We have adopted it as an acronym for the 'PIEs Self Assessment and Service Specification' process; because the kind of services  we see, and would like to see more of, display all those same characteristics.

Perhaps in the longer run, the Pizazz will be re-branded, and replaced with something a little more straight-laced. But for now, the prospect of a lot of serious funders, in suits, sitting around a committee room table and saying, “Yes, but how are they doing for Pizazz?” was simply irresistible.

(NB: we have since changed that 'bacronym' to read 'PIEs Assessment and Self-development for Services' . For the reasons, see 'What's in a name?', HERE)

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