How come its free?

The pen-and paper version of the Pizazz is entirely free, and will remain free, because we do not want any limitations of cost to prevent small and cash-strapped services from using it.

It is published under a Creative Commons licence; (HERE)  which means that anyone can now use it, provided that:

  • the source is correctly attributed to the PIElink;
  • you do not charge for its use:
  • you do not adapt it - though you are entirely free to add to it any additional sheets that suit your particular needs; and let us know if you find it needs modifying.

There will be an on-line version, the PIE Abacus, currently still in the testing stage, which is probably more suited to the needs of larger organisations and/or commissioners needing an overview of all services in their area; and for this, there will be a licence fee (as with most software).

You can read about and follow the development of the PIE Abacus  HERE

Further reading and viewing

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