A future PIElink production team

With the PIEs advisory group/editorial board now (mid-May 2022) starting to come together, it's time to start spelling out what goes into producing the PIElink, and all that that entails. This is, if the role of the group is to advise others - lets call them the production team - then let's first see what the team needs to do, with the advice of the group.

Then we can start to think over what kind of organisation this might then need to be; and the funding to support this.


What does it take to run the PIElink?

The short answer is: it all depends on who you are, and what you want to do.

If you are Robin ( and yes, it's me writing this ) then I'd say I spend probably 70 hours a week on all this; but I cant make any distinction between 'work on the PIElink' and 'work on PIEs'. The PIElink is probably my main outlet for all thinking and communications on PIEs, so the distinction between running the PIElink and developing the whole PIE approach and engaging with the PIEs community just doesn't exist for me.

But for anyone else, we might want to try to make a distinction between those three. I do suspect, though, that wont work out. Tose three apects really are titally interwoven - at least, in the PIElink in its current form.



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