A wide-ranging selection of featured studies

Because complex needs are complex, services to meet these complex needs will also be complex and multi-faceted; cataloguing them in any fashion is always going to be at best problematic, at worst, unsatisfactory and frustrating - and we can simply miss much very valuable material to learn from

Yet without some kind of signposting, it is impossible to browse effectively.

On this page, for the present, we have simply a very wide-ranging selection of many of the case studies and practice samples that appear on this site, in no particular order. Over time, we will attempt to introduce a range of topics, using the book references style, such as (author, date).



Those studies, with their Library links

1011 Lansdowne: Turning Around a Building, Turning Around Lives — Elise Hug (HERE)

1811 Eastlake – Daniel Malone et al – An example of 'single site housing' creating a supportive recovery community within the Housing First model (Coming Soon)

Back on your feet - Suzanne Quinney - a pilot for using Appreciative Inquiry as a strengths model, creating a learning organisation (HERE)

A walk in the park – Paula Corcoran – on constructive use of the local environment to change relationships (HERE)

A Whole New World – Toby Lowe et al – a radical approach to psychologically informed commissioning; creating a PIE of pathways; markers of whole systems change HERE

Banking on Time – Graham Gardiner - working with short attention spans; a psychologically informed business environment : HERE

Behaving like a system – Lankelly Chase – a pilot in Coventry, identifying markers of whole systems change : HERE

Bell Hotel Supportive Housing Project -  PIEs in Housing First - single site permanent supported Recovery Housing :  HERE

Building recovery communities – Brian Morgan –  peer support for recovery from addiction; a psychologically informed business environment :  HERE

The Big Issue as a psychologically informed business environment (an interview with Stephen Robertson ) working with short attention spans, scaffolding new strengths : HERE 

Car, bus, tram or unicorn – Ruth Franceska - outreach work; fresh thinking on constructive use of the 'found' environment : HERE

Community work in homelessness outreach – Brendan Plante : HERE

Developing a psychological model: learning from a Housing Association pilot - Aileen Edwards :  HERE

Development at Father Bills – John Yaswinski and April Conolly - creative responses to finding new mental health needs from a pioneer of Housing First : HERE

Dunmore Canedin team –  using data; development in dialogue (Coming Soon)

Complex needs and available data - Grant Everrett - gathering multiple datasets for mapping complex needs: exclusion-informed research : HERE

Highwater House annual report – on PIE implementation: using elastic tolerance: low costs changes in building adaptation:  move-on and co-location : HERE

Implementing a Psychologically Informed Environment in a service for young homeless people - Jeremy Woodcock & Jamie Gill -  attachment theory in action; becoming a learning organisation  HERE

Participatory Appraisal – Zack Ahmed - a new approach to consultation for systems learning; exclusion-informed research HERE

Person-centred research  – Juliette Hough and Becky Rice - exclusion-informed research (2) HERE

Pre-treatment therapy –  John Conolly - applications of PIEs and pretreatment in therapy settings (1)(Coming Soon)

Reflexive photography – Leonie Boland - OT in re-homing; exclusion-informed research. (Video HERE)

Scaffolding of hope – Coral Westaway - the staff role; exclusion-informed research (3) HERE

Simon Community Leith  - youth work; community project  (Coming Soon)