Developing PIEs

Developing PIEs is a constant ongoing process - more a journey than a destination

For services - or researchers, policy-makers and others - that are completely new to the party we do recommend starting with the page on this site called 'START HERE' : HERE

This really is the best place to start to explore what this is all about, before taking even the first tentative steps.


Getting started as a PIE
For those ready to go further, that page will then take you to further pages including one here called 'Introducing the PIE approach' : HERE


Digging deeper
After that - and for those that are already well on the way - you may well have many more questions; and for this we recommend the sections that begin with the page called 'Digging deeper' : HERE

NB: This is a second stage entry, with many of the questions that people tend to want to ask as they go beyond the basics. Here we can look in more depth at specific issues such as particular needs, particular settings or approaches, and broader questions.


Forum discussions, and the Pizazz

By now you will surely have come across the discussions in the forums, which we hope may start again before long. And you will have come across the Pizazz, our services self assessment process.


Digging deeper still 
After that we have here such a treasure trove of other material - some recent, some more historical but much of it still highly relevant - that there is no use in trying to suggest where you might want to look. By now, you will have learned how to browse, to find what suits you.

Every journey will be fairly unique, and you are ready to explore in your own way.


More pages and useful background



Introducing the PIE approach : HERE

Navigating around this site : HERE

Some general advice : HERE


Needs : HERE

Approaches : HERE

Settings : HERE

Asking questions : HERE

More questions : HERE


Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper : HERE

What's the big idea? : HERE

Ambition and modesty : HERE


The Future

The Future of PIE and the PIElink: HERE


Library items

Starting out in homelessness and inclusion nursing : HERE

Where to start with the Pizazz : HERE

Getting started with a PIE Abacus customer account : HERE