The aspiration that first motivated the creation of this site was to provide a platform,  a forum for discussion and promotion of PIEs. This reflects the view of the founder and editor, Robin Johnson (who had first coined the term PIE) that we learn most, fastest and best, when we learn from each other - from our peers * .

The development of social media in the 21st Century, he had argued, and the spread of video conferencing, webinars etc, should make possible communication and exchange between members of a community of practice.

In actual practice this was probably a tad premature, in 2015; and without significant resources to develop this with, for some years this site was only able to function as an information resource, and a Library, rather than an active and live communication forum.

This we can hope may change, in 2021, with the development of the PIE Abacus, and the income that this may bring, to expand the range and potential of the site. But for the moment, the potential for mutual learning is still largely confined to putting members with common interests in touch with each other - with sometimes a collective discussion via new platforms such as Zoom.

In the meantime, we have here a small sample of the kinds of discussion and interactions that we hope to pursue in greater depth in the near future.

*Remarkably, new research suggests that this is not just true of humans, but also of, for example, dolphins; and with a coherent explanation, in terms of evolutionary survival in a changing environment.( See: Dolphins learn new skills from their peers....) .



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