Digging deeper still

These ‘digging deeper still’ pages are intended for all those who want to ask more probing or challenging questions over the PIE approach, the PIE framework(s), the Pizazz process  and the PIE Abacus.

Note that the pages here often do not appear in the main menus. This allows the site design to be less cluttered with more sophisticated material and options that those ‘just browsing’ for information and inspiration do not need to be distracted by.

For easier access and overview, here we will be clustering all pages on the most significant and/or urgent issues for the future of PIEs and the PIEs framework. This is, at least, the picture at the close of 2023 - the year when the founder and original editor, Robin Johnson, finallyhad to hang up his keyboard.

If you are a new hand at the PIEs approach, congratulations! If this is your first time arriving at this page, you must be making good progress to get here so soon? That, or you are just naturally curious to see it all.

Either way you are welcome. Your views too are worth hearing.

If you are a regular viewer and perhaps a forum participant, or from one of our Special Interest Groups, we hope you will find this tighter clustering of all the issues in developing the PIE framework itself is helpful, to see the whole picture evolving.

Although you are all welcome to leave comments (below), unfortunately this page will not be interactive. For news on any future open community of practice events, please register, to see any members' mailing list emails - or contact one of the team.

Further and/or previous background

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Asking questions : HERE

Challenges : HERE

PIE sceptics : HERE

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The PIEs 2.0 practice elements

Is the PIE evolving? (2017) : HERE

Braving the elements : HERE

The Big Five - clustering complexity : HERE

Customising PIEs 2.0 with the PIE Abacus : HERE


The future of PIEs and the PIElink

Will there be a PIEs 3? : HERE


Intellectual property and 'IP protection' : HERE

Fresh directions : HERE


Research and evaluation

PIEs R&D (and E) : HERE

The PIEs approach to assessment : HERE

Where do you want to go? : HERE

The Pizazz as a research tool : HERE

The PIE Abacus as a research tool : HERE


Theory and practice : HERE

Ideas in practice : HERE

What is an environment? : HERE

The Umwelt : HERE

Complexity : HERE

The DNA of human environments : HERE

Unfinished Business : HERE


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