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Please note: this is a new PIElink section, part of a more sweeping re-shaping; and some of the content is not yet added; so please bear with us.

Development in dialogue

The PIE concept is fluid and responsive. It is not ‘a done deal’, fixed in stone. The essential framework is now fairly clear; but the actual practice of PIEs – the practice that the concept aims both to summarise and to inspire – is constantly evolving.

We have good reason to be confident of the main framework of PIEs 2.0  – that is, the 'Big Five' overall themes, and the fifteen (or so) more specific practice elements, as spelled out HERE.    But even so, we can already anticipate - and we will positively encourage - some further development, or evolution.

In some areas - such as the search for a more 'service-user-friendly (or 'street') language for the PIE framework, and for possible ‘criterial equivalents’ in General Needs Housing - we hope to launch new discussion forums, webinars etc in 2021. Watch this space for announcements.

But essentially, the `PIE concept and the PIES 2 framework has developed and will continue to evolve in dialogue.

So here, we pull together some, at least, of the discussions we have had, over the past ten years; and the discussions we propose to host, over the coming year or more. Here, therefore we can suggest:

Discussions - just some of the conversations that have marked the journey so far : (HERE)

Questions - issue with no correct answer : (HERE)

Forums - current on-going live and recorded discussions : (HERE)

Further background reading/istening/viewing

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