Distance travelled: towards a PIE services assessment and specification tool

 10: Pizazz – and a more personal note on terminology

What’s in a name? The phrase a “PIES Services Assessment and Specification” for a tool, or framework, lends itself to pronunciation as “Pizazz” – a term associated with flair and energy.

“Pizazz”  (n): energy; vitality; vigour, attractive style; dash; flair; a combination of vitality and glamour. “ energy, vigor, vitality, spirit, etc.’ (Collins Dictionary):   an indefinable dynamic quality, the je ne sais quoi of function (Harvard Lampoon)  

For a project committed to recognising creativity, there is certainly something very pleasing about the idea of a discussion with a lot of serious people, a meeting of senior managers, commissioners, or research funding bodies, sitting around a table and saying:

“Yes, and what’s their score on Pizazz?”


There will be more comments on terminology to follow.