Exploring the benefits of housing with community : terminology

NB: For this discussion, we will adopt the terminology developed for Housing First in the US, which refers to two principal HF options as 'scattered site' housing, for isolated tenancies, and 'single site' (or 'congregated') housing, for multiple independent tenancies in the same building, complex or campus.

There is a third option, which we have called 'networked housing'. By 'networked' housing, we mean semi-dispersed housing units with a deliberate attempt to create, offer and sustain a common social support network.

But in between these, a mixture of all three, there is now a fourth option, in the rapid development of 'campuses' or 'villages' - multiple 'stand alone" households in single lots on the same site.

Finally, independent of the accommodation itself, we have the network support models, such as Keyring, Clubhouse or ‘core and cluster’ models. Clubhouse and ‘core and cluster’ models will typically (but not always) have a particular building as the centre of the network; 'Keyring' models, like 'circles of support', typically will not.



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