FAQ: Getting a PIE Abacus account and licences

1: Take a look around

The first step, even before getting an account and licence, is to have at least a quick look around the pages here that describe what you can actually do with the PIE Abacus. The software is extremely versatile; and you first want to get a quite general idea of what some of your options are.

2: Download the briefing

But there is a lot here. So the second step is to download and browse the 'essential briefing for PIE leads' (HERE). It still has far more than you need, at this preliminary stage; but it will give you at least a taste of the extra range and potential in this software version of the Pizazz.

3: Have a conversation

The next step we recommend is to have a conversation with us about what you need. You can though, if you prefer, go straight to the software company Opeus (HERE). But we can talk over with you the numbers of staff (and any others) that you may want to include; and the number of actual Abacuses that you may want, for each team or project, to reflect the main concerns and structures of your work.

Opeus are great partners to have in this and - as the briefing says - fast learners, and very solution-focussed; but we can't expect them to understand the complex needs sector, and to advise on what you need.

4: Contracting

Once that is clear, we will contact the software company, Opeus, to pass on what you need, in an email with your own PIE Abacus Project Manager copied in. Note that you can also arrange with them a trial period, to try it out before committing your funds and - probably more significantly - your time.

After that, Opeus will contact you with an order form; and then a  licence agreement; and once that is signed, they will issue you with a licence code, which is unique to your agency, for you to distribute and deploy throughout your agency and/or network. Your allocation of Abacuses will go live, at that point, ready for you to begin creating your own structure.


NB: invoices for the software licence fees will come to you from Opeus' parent company, which is called TDK. Hopefully this should not cause confusion.


Further background reading/listening/viewing

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