Licence costs: eight scenarios

The iAbacus software, on which the PIE Abacus is built, is designed to be highly flexible. This means that you can adjust the numbers and the overall structure of your PIE Abacuses 'to suit the developing needs of your particular service.

But it also means that, beyond a few clear and simple statements, it is hard to convey the range of uses, except by means of a handful of illustrations. So here we (will) have eight invented 'scenarios', that (will) indicate a range of ways to use the PIE Abacus.

Here we (will) see a range of services from large to small; and also a range of networks or projects than can extend outside any one particular agency. In each case, we (will) indicate the kinds of cost that this will entail.

The scenarios here (will) describe:

  1. Larger agency (100 services, all wishing to use the PIE Abacus)
  2. Medium-sized agency (25 services, all wishing to use the PIE Abacus) 
  3. Smaller agency (or specialist division)  (5 services wishing to use the PIE Abacus)
  4. Single service  A ‘stand-alone’ small local service wishing to use the PIE Abacus)
  5. Community of practice   (Many individuals in different agencies wishing to share professional practice)
  6. Research project   (Several services in localities agencies , including service users, participating in research)
  7. Local area needs analysis  (Local area planners wanting to consult on the gaps and any potential for collaboration in local services)
  8. Regional or national overview  (Larger scale planner and policy makers wanting to hear the views of services and planners on any topic )

You (will be able to) download one single document, that shows all these scenarios outlined and explained in ten pages. Or you could just download the specific page for the one that seems closest to a description of your agency or project.

Don't forget too that there is a FAQs page, with links to many more general questions that you may wish to ask

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