Terminology for the PIE Abacus

NB: should you ever need to contact the Opeus Helpline for any technical support, it may also be useful to have in mind - and have to hand - a short document that explains the way the the Opeus team use slightly different terminology for some of these terms.

PIE Abacus initial licence :    The ‘initial’ licence just gets you started, with a ‘starter pack’ allocation of 10 Abacuses (aka ‘forums’)

‘Starter pack’: just a handy phrase to describe the initial minimum ‘allocation’ of 10 Abacuses

PIE Abacus project manager :  The person who arranges (and funds) the contract with Opeus/TDK, via Robin’s company as intermediary

PIE Abacus project lead :  Any other individual tasked with the deployment of the IAbacus within their agency or network (often but not necessarily the same person as the PIE Abacus project manager.)

Abacus:  The specific on-screen (on the 'cloud') location for in-put (and reading) of the data for any project or group of teams

iAbacus: the software on which the PIE Abacus is built

Contributor :   Someone who enters the data in an Abacus, whether for a team, or their own. A.k.a a 'user'

Scribe :   A contributor (or 'user')who  enters the views & plans of their team

Individual Abacus :   someone with an Abacus for their own individual use

Team Abacus :  An Abacus for use by a team

Topic Abacus :   An Abacus intended for collaboration between other teams and/or individuals

Overview :   The ‘Top Tier’ picture obtained from overlay or stacking of all Abacuses that an agency manages.

Agency :  Any organisation that runs any kind of services

Network : Any network of organisations or individuals participating for a common purpose.

Project :  A specific development planned by either an agency, team or network, with participation by any kind of invitees.

Community of practice : A specific project run by either an agency, team or network, with participation by invitees, usually professionals or other ‘practitioners’.

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