The PIElink is now broadcasting......

Making use of the latest technology, in 2015 we began recording videos of interviews and discussions, with a focus on member interaction.

Web-based broadcasting was then still in its early stages, but through 2016 we began to make 'audio-visual' material; an integral part of the PIElink experience, with the prospect of more live and interactive members' forums.

It was ahead of its time; and for 2017-2020, we suspended the live events, except for recorded presentations and scheduled interviews - you can view some of these below. But the COVID era brought all of us to video conferencing; where Zoom and Teams became household names.

You can find out more by visiting the about broadcasts page.

With the use of this technology, we started up our lunchtime discussion forums for our members to meet and talk about all things PIE. These have been on pause for the last 6 months, however, the advisory group here at PIELink are keen to resume these in the near future - so watch this space.

Similarly, we are also in the process of setting up some special interest groups -SIGs- on specific topics of interest. We are currently planning for the following groups:

  • Housing First, PIEs and the Pizazz
  • Roll Out and Embedding of PIE
  • PIEs Research and Evaluation

If you would like to get involved in any of these groups, please get in touch at Further details on this will be published on this page soon.

For now however, we will be running monthly advice drop-in sessions on MS Teams. These sessions are not focused on a specific topic of discussion but rather provide a space and opportunity for members to ask any questions they have regarding PIE. You will see the schedule for these sessions to the right on this page.

Joining the Discussion

If you would like to attend any of these sessions, email, and you will be sent a link to join.

You can join without being a registered member; but it is far better to be in communication.

NB: please DO check your spam filters and settings, to be sure you do receive our emails.

PIElink Advice Drop-In Schedule

Below are the dates and times for the PIELink drop-in advice sessions - if you are interested in attending any of these sessions please email, and you will be sent a link to join.

  • February 9th 1230-1400
  • March 9th 1230-1400
  • April 13th 1230-1400
  • May 11th 1230-1400
  • June 8th 1230-1400


International Blab with Ray Middleton

Author(s): Robin Johnson, Jay Levy, Claire Ritchie, Ray Middleton

This was the first deliberate attempt at a transatlantic dialogue about approaches to homelessness, using Blab.

Here we have a discussion on PIEs and Pretreatment, and more, with Jay Levy, author of two books on pretreatment, Robin Johnson, co-author of the PIEs guidance, and originator of the term itself, Claire Ritchie, author of Westminster’s toolkit on implementing PIEs, and Ray Middleton, prolific Blabber, video producer; and also author of the Leeds assessment tool for complex needs.    (aka: @JaySLevy1 @RobinPIELink, @piepeoples, and @Dialogical_Ray)

Note that this was a tentative, early adopters’ experiment; and we are still learning, for example, how to not sit with your back to the light; not get feedback whine from speakers etc.

View the Broadcast

The keys to ‘Pretreatment’ – Jay Levy in interview with Ray Middleton.

Author(s): Jay Levy, Ray Middleton

In this recorded, live streamed, ‘real time’ broadcast, Ray Middleton interviews Jay Levy, author of two books on Pretreatment, about the key principles that Levy spells out there.

NB: This interview was part of the on-line training programme on PIEs that Middleton was running for homelessness staff in the North East of England.

See also the PIELink pages on Pretreatment; and two chapters in the Library, excerpts from Levy’s books, that illustrate his work – Andrew’s narrative and Janice and Michael’s narrative; plus his chapter on Making Meaning.

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‘Healing conversations’ – an interview with Ray Middleton on Open Dialogue and complex needs.

Author(s): Ray Middleton, Robin Johnson

In this un-edited extended interview, Robin Johnson interviews Ray Middleton of Newcastle & Gateshead Fulfilling Lives project on the ‘dialogic’ approach to mental health (and to many other areas of human social and cultural life) and especially to the value of this approach in work focussed on meeting ‘complex needs’.

See also pages here on Complex needs? and System change brokers.

NB: This interview was originally conducted and recorded as part of the Falmouth ‘Cafe Scientifique” Spring 2016 programme

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Ray Middleton Interviews Robin Johnson on PIEs

Author(s): Ray Middleton and Robin Johnson

In this early experiment in using new live streaming, Ray Middleton interviews Robin Johnson on the origins of the term PIE; and his own personal journey from mental health social work into the field of homelessness.

They go on to outline some of the key themes in the PIEs ‘framework’ – with Robin stressing that these began as observations, not instructions.

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