PIEs community of practice forums - lunchtime discussions

Season 2 -  June & July 2021

The PIEs practice working lunchtime discussion forums resumed, with Season Two, from early June 2021.  These sessions will now run regularly, from 12.30 to 2pm, alternating between Tuesdays and Thursdays, to cover both ends of the week.

There will be one extra date on a Wednesday (16th June), as an experiment; and others to follow, if there is a clear demand for it. For example, we had the opportunity for an extra session on Trauma-Informed Design, with Jill Pable of Design Resources for homelessness (HERE); and another on a Wednesday, 7th July,  to continue the discussion on PIEs, Housing First, and community integration (HERE)

These 'conversation' sessions remain small and informal. In addition to these smaller scale forums, in the autumn we anticipate being able to scale up to webinar style discussions, with greater capacity - but less active participation.

To join these discussions, email to forums@pielinink.net , and we will send on details. 

NB: but please DO check your spam filters and settings, to be sure you do receive our emails (ie. anything formatted *@pielink.net), as we have had an unusually high number of 'no shows' and 'email blocked' messages. You can join without being a registered member; but it is far better to be in communication. (If you do NOT receive a reply - watch the video opposite, for joining instructions)



We will be continuing with two* popular themes from Season One - 'Psychologically informed boundaries' [24th June & 6th July] and 'Top to to PIE embedding' [15th June &15th July] - and each will happen on one Tuesday and one Thursday.

We will also be starting the discussions (postponed from Season One) on 'Finding a service user-friendly language', with three sessions [10th June, 22nd June & 8th July].

There will also be three sessions initially (with the option of additional sessions later in the season) for 'open mic' or 'advice surgery' discussion, where anyone can bring questions or issues to discuss. (NB: 'Chatham House' rules still apply, but here confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.)

In addition, we will begin an exploration of three new topics:

  • PIEs and research [1st July]
  • Exploring the PIE Abacus (for PIE leads)  [17th June & 13th July],
  • PIEs for Housing First* [8th June].


Those dates in sequence

  • 3rd June :     Open Mic/advice surgery
  • 8th June :     PIEs for Housing First*
  • 10th June :   Finding a service user-friendly language
  • 15th June:    Top to to PIE embedding
  • 16th June :   Open Mic/advice surgery
  • 17th June :   Exploring the PIE Abacus (for PIE leads)
  • 22nd June :   Finding a service user-friendly language
  • 24th June :    Psychologically informed boundaries
  • 29th June :   Open Mic/advice surgery
  • 1st July :       PIEs and research
  • 6th July :       Psychologically informed boundaries
  • 7th July :       PIEs, Housing First, and community integration*
  • 8th July :       Finding a service user-friendly language
  • 13th July :     Exploring the PIE Abacus (for PIE leads)
  • 15th July :    Top to to PIE embedding


  • The discussion on 8th June threw up such interesting new areas that we have now agreed to co-host, with Housing First England, an additional discussion, to pursue these issues further. We anticipate - but cant promise - that this will pave the ground for a full scale webinar, in the autumn.

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