Housing First and PIEs in Europe

Housing First and PIEs in Europe

Although the Housing First model is now widespread across much or Europe and endorsed by numerous national governments, the PIEs approach, which originated in the UK, is far less well known, despite growing interest in some quarters. It is still possible to count on one hand the number of actual presentations on the PIE approach to a European audience.

Robin Johnson, the chief theorist of PIEs  and architect of the PIEs framework  - and editor of the PIElink until his retirement in 2022 - was invited to Paris to make a presentation at a conference there is 2017. (There is an account of this talk - given in French - and some subsequent conversations, in the 'PIEs in Europe'  page : HERE)

Some years later, in 2019, Robin gave a presentation on PIEs in Prague, which is unfortunately not recorded here. There is however a longer talk the subsequent day on Trauma Informed Care (HERE) .

(This presentation is perhaps most remarkable for the fact that, in an attempt to make trauma intelligible as ordinary human experience, the whole talk avoids any use of neuroscience in his description of the impact of trauma).

Meanwhile, in 2019, the first in a series of webinars from the Housing First Europe good practice platform had a discussion called 'Slices of PIE', with two presentations. Here we have the full webinar, and discussion; but also the two specific presentations as excerpts, for those that want to focus on these specific aspects.

First,  Ger Spillane of Focus Irealnd describes the underlying thnking and values behind the PIE approach; the central importance of the relationships you make; and more specifically the re-modelling and relocation of the central base of their Housing First service's operations, using the concept of spaces for opportunity.

In the second presentation, Gary Neil of Rock Trust -  describes their development of the PIE approach through their services, and their use of the Pizazz and its 'action plans' to re-think their work in Edinburgh - and more specifically, the 'spaces' of their reception area, and the work of the reception staff.

(NB: Gary begins by insisting that he is no expert on PIEs; but that is part of the point: you do not need to be an expert to begin this 'journey'...)

During the Covid era there were no more in-person events; and all conversations since have tended to take place over Zoom, with just a few participants



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