Keyword Groups: Management Issues

policy or strategy

Policy and strategy may be a distinct job title for some workers; or may be simply part of the overall responsibilities of a staff member, from CEO to middle or service manager, depending on the culture of devolution in any service or area.

organisational culture

The way things are done, as a matter of attitude or philosophy, rather than the specifics of service delivery or the particular “rules of engagement” ( See also ‘rules of engagement’; ‘values-based practice’, ‘faith-based practice’, ‘social value/purpose’)

service development

As with policy and strategy, service development may be a specific role, or an issue that all frontline managers will be dealing with. (Use this also for ‘new business’ development.)

staff development

As we use it here, staff development is a role within an organisation. (NB: an independent trainer, though contracted to work with an organisation’s staff, is a ‘trainer’.) For these purposes, use ‘staff training and support’ for issues more specific to working with psychological and emotional needs of service users.

staff morale

Use this keyword for a range of concerns over staff support as a problem; for staff support as a positive issue, use “staff development” or ‘staff training and support’.