PIEs and neuro-diversity

On 16th November, 2021, from 12.30 to 2pm, as part of the PIElink community of practice lunchtime forums, Season Three (HERE), we have a discussion on PIEs in neuro-diversity - services for people with learning difficulty, autism, and related issues.

This is a subject that we are barely beginning to explore, as a community of practice. Yet we have found that over the past year in particular we have a growing number of people registering on the PIElink whose work is with learning difficulties, autism, or other forms of neuro-diversity.

Meanwhile we have many 'general needs' housing services that have tenants with such needs - and not just in designated supported accommodation. (As one of our papers on public health (HERE) had noted, we find in social housing a much higher concentration of those with milder autistic spectrum characteristics; and not necessarily recognised.)

We should also not assume that all staff in services are 'neuro-typical'.

So how do we learn together what works? We learn from talking to each other. So let's now make a start.


To register, email : forums@pielink.net.

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