For 2020, we are introducing two entirely new, but linked, features: the PIE Affiliates programme, and the Pizazz training and accreditation module.

The Affiliates programme 

The Affiliates programme allows accredited independent trainers, provider agency PIE leads and others in comparable roles to introduce and train staff and services in the use of the Pizazz and the PIE Abacus.
Although use of the paper PIE Abacus remains entirely free, we are aware that some services may prefer to have their PIE leads  -  and any others charged with introducing the PIE framework and the Pizazz - fully trained and confident in their use of the framework, and of the Pizazz process. The basic level training aims to meet this need; and it is carefully costed to be affordable to all but the most severely cash-starved of organisations.
The on-line version of the Pizazz - the PIE Abacus - does require a licence code from the software developers.  But signing up via an accredited trainer entitles any service to a 10% rebate on the licence fee, for the first year of operation.
PIE Abacus Affiliates will also receive 5% of the value of the licence fee, for that first year of use of the software, for any service that has signed up after their training and introduction, as a commission or introduction fee.
NB: The Affiliates programme is specifically (and solely) for those that have completed the advanced level of training, leading to PIzazz trainer accreditation.

Advanced Affiliates

Later in 2020 we will be introducing the Advanced Affiliates programme. This is intended for those who are so far advanced in their understanding and use of the Pizazz and the PIE Abacus that they are able to teach and mentor beginners to the training.
NB: Advanced Affiliates will also be involved in the continuing development of the PIE framework, and later iterations of the training programme, to ensure that the training keeps up to date with emerging needs.programme