PIE Abacus costs - Individual staff in smaller services

The costs for the PIE Abacus have been deliberately made extremely straightforward and simple to calculate. The cost is £80 per annum, per Abacus (plus VAT). However, you will need a minimum of 10 Abacuses for a PIE Abacus account, which means that in practice, the cost starts at £800; and if you want 20 Abacuses, that will be £1,600; and so on, to whatever level.


Individual staff in smaller and more specialist services or groups.

In addition to having an Abacus for each 'frontline' service or team, you can also have an Abacus for any individual.  What this means in practice is that, despite the minimum number of 10 for a PIE Abacus account, for a smaller but perhaps more specialist agency of perhaps just five or six teams, you might nevertheless find it worthwhile to invest in a PIE Abacus of your own.

This would then enable some specialist workers within your service to have individual Abacuses, and that will then allow them to liaise with colleagues and opposite numbers in your particular field. (The potential value of this is spelled out in more detail on the page with that name: HERE) .

A smaller and more specialist service may also have, on its Board or in its wider community of supporters, some individuals with particular expertise who may wish to take a closer interest in the development of the service. Giving the an Abacus of their own, and access to your others, allows them to get more in-depth understanding of progress; but also allows them too to liaise with peers in other comparable fields.

Again, it is entirely up to you as to how you might use them, how far the value added for these staff may outweigh the outlay, and how many you might want to have.

Nevertheless, this is only one option of many. Through cost sharing (HERE) in a consortium, or through sponsorship, a small agency can still have its own assessment, whether just for its own use, or to participate in a wider assessment.

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