PIE Abacus costs - smaller agencies

The costs for the PIE Abacus have been deliberately made extremely straightforward and simple to calculate. The cost is £80 per annum, per Abacus (plus VAT). However, you will need a minimum of 10 Abacuses for a PIE Abacus account, which means that in practice, the cost starts at £800; and if you want 20 Abacuses, that will be £1,600; and so on, to whatever level


Smaller agencies’ costs

For a small agency or network, with less that 10 services, a cost of £80, with a minimum of 10 Abacuses may seem too high a bar. But it is worth bearing in mind that for a smaller outfit, you may not need to use a PIE Abacus at all.  You may not even greatly benefit, from using the software.

With only perhaps 6-8 services, it should be perfectly workable to use the Pizazz on paper for your assessments and planning; and then send in your observations, on paper, to your Head Office, or whatever central information point you may have.

It’s then quite manageable for an admin worker or whoever to collate and put all responses into a single document as a progress report, and for the management team and/or the PIE lead to go through them, by eye, to pick out any significant issues, trends and options.

The Pizazz process, with its Big Five themes and its five stages of assessment, analysis, planning etc, is just the same whether you use the paper or the software version; and the benefit of the team discussions and future planning – which is the most important part – is the same.

However, please do consider the options for cost sharing (HERE); and also the possible benefits of having individual Abacuses, for some staff - or others (HERE). Finally, you might be interested in the option of service users' PIE assessments (HERE) .

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