Frequently asked questions

There is now a relatively brief, relatively comprehensive outline of the scope of the PIE Abacus, available to download and print. 'The PIE Abacus - essential briefing for PIE leads' (and any others in comparable roles), which is : HERE

Otherwise, these below are some of the main questions you may well want to ask first, or look up again later. Taken together, you might browse through, skipping what you do not seem to need. They may also serve as a useful introduction, for those that prefer to follow their own path....


What exactly is an Abacus? : HERE

What is the basic ambition behind the PIE Abacus? : HERE

Why is it called the PIE Abacus? : HERE

How do we get a licence?HERE

What are typical costs for a licence (summary)? :  HERE

What other terms of use are there? : HERE

How were PIE Abacus costs decided? : HERE

How will the income be re-invested?  : HERE

What is meant by a 'Lead agency"? :  HERE

What is meant by a 'contributor'? :  HERE

Why have individuals as 'contributors' at all? :   HERE

What do all these other terms mean? HERE

Can we use the PIE Abacus with PIEs 1?:  HERE




Further background reading/listening/viewing

The simplest, most effective way to evaluate and improve your PIE from Daniel O'Brien on Vimeo.


PIElink pages

The PIE Abacus - an on-line Pizazz (summary) : HERE

The Pizazz on paper or on screen : HERE

The inner game of PIE : HERE

My cat is a built environment ? : HERE

The coffee break Pizazz : HERE

Getting started with an Abacus 'customer account' : HERE


All PIE Abacus FAQs HERE


Library items

PIE Abacus - essential briefing for PIE leads' (and any others in comparable roles), HERE)

Weighing the costs and 'value added' of the PIE Abacus : HERE


The PIE Abacus - applications in particular settings:

The PIE Abacus – in medium to large agencies HERE

The PIE Abacus – in local practice networks : HERE

The PIE Abacus – in smaller 'stand alone' services HERE

The PIE Abacus – as a research tool : HERE

The PIE Abacus – in communities of practice : HERE

The PIE Abacus – in service user-led assessments : HERE

The PIE Abacus – with services using PIEs1 : HER