'PIE bites'

'PIE bites' are short audio clips that address key or current issues in the development of PIEs.

PIE bites are intended for busy staff who simply do not have the time to sit and watch videos or read discussion papers.

With the total duration of each clip stated both in the sleeve cover notes, and at the start of each, PIE bites are designed to be easily digestible.

With a maximum of 30 minutes, in most cases they can be listened to on even quite a short car journey, or while jogging, walking the dog, or simply relaxing in a hot bath…..


PIE bites and staff development

The PIE bites collections are selected with a view to being suitable for middle and senior managers to distribute to their staff, and the modest expense can be justified via either your staff training or staff support budgets.

From basic introductions to the PIE themes and approach, through more exploratory, thought-provoking and challenging material, through to more theoretical and historical interest, PIE bites can equip your staff – including your senior staff – with a thorough grasp of this innovative way to see, and to improve, your services.



On each sleeve’s cover notes there is an article that is entitled: ‘Further listening, viewing and reading’.  Here you can follow up on the background material behind each clip, with the evidence base, and practical examples of creative action.

In most cases, but not all, this includes a written version of the same paper, in most cases fully referenced, for academics and policy makers.

You will find all this material, and a lot more, on the PIElink (www.pielink.net), the dedicated website for the PIEs community of practice.




Copyright and copying

Please note: as standard audio files, there is very little to stop those who purchase one card with its access to these files from then copying them, and distributing them for free.

Nothing electronic, at least.

But then, who has the time?

More to the point, who doesn’t mind their colleagues and staff seeing them as a cheat and a cheapskate?

So this course of action is recommended only for those with no real reputation to protect.