The Psychologically Informed Environments Promotion and Research CIC Ltd

PIEPR - full name 'Psychologically Informed Environments Promotion and Research Community Iinterest Company Ltd' - was formally incorporated in October 2023.

The stated aims and objectives are:

Overall aim

  1. To promote and develop the concepts and practice of Psychologically Informed Environments (PIEs)



  • To facilitate the development of a community of practice for the exchange of ideas and the support of members and others.
  • To manage and extend the current PIElink website and/or its successors with its current content, pages, Library, IP, and activities.
  • To generate and deploy income for the above purposes from any sources compatible with the aims of the CIC and the spirit of a social enterprise company.
  • To employ or contract with staff as needed to undertake the activities of the CIC.
  • To maintain a reference group of advisers and representatives of partners and stakeholders to advise on content and direction of the website and related activities.
  • To develop and review all operational policies in the light of developments in the field, with advice from the reference group


Operational policies and agreements 

  • The CIC agrees to seek philanthropic investment from any sources compatible with the Aims and Objectives of the CIC.
  • The CIC agrees to appoint a staff team at the earliest possible opportunity, including sub-contracting of team tasks to others for agree periods of time.
  • The CIC agrees to promote and manage the agreed portion of the income from the PIE Abacus in pursuit of the aims and objectives of the company
  • The CIC agrees to manage the Intellectual Property (IP) of the authors of the PIElink contents, in return for any suitable considerations, as agreed in each case.
  • The CIC agrees to refer any amendments of the core principles of the CIC to the reference group for their feedback.
  • The CIC agrees to regularly discuss with the reference group any developments in the direction and priorities of the core themes of the PIEs framework and their interpretation in new contexts.
  • The CIC agrees to make all decisions of the CIC on the basis of consensus wherever possible; but when consensus cannot be achieved and a decision is urgent, by a majority vote, with a casting vote for the chair.
  • The CIC agrees that in all other respects the operational policies of the model CIC are adopted.


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Legal structures

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