PIEs community on-line working groups.

As part of the continuous learning and evolution of the PIEs approach itself, for 2021 we wish to launch further PIEs community collaborations, to explore developments and emerging issues in PIEs practice.  We are now inviting contributions to four new on-line working groups.

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PIEs in general needs housing

The COVID era has given a huge boost to the case for rapid re-housing; but also it has thrown up issues of loneliness, the importance of a sense of belonging. It has also meant that many general needs housing services need to find ways to work with tenants with complex needs, and with support services and local communities.

We are inviting any services interested to explore together how the PIEs approach can infuse general needs housing, and help develop new community support models, to tackle isolation. If this is something that your own agency wants to work on – just contact us.

This page will then be the site for PIElink members' contributions to the discussions. Here we will have links to any material sent in, or other resources, for sharing.  We begin with a few items already in the PIElink Library. To get involved, email HERE: and use the phrase 'GNH' in your email title.



In the UK and elsewhere, we tend to think of 'general needs housing' as 'ordinary' housing as distinct from more specialist-built units. But these lines can blur. In the US, for example, we may find permanent tenancies offered, under the Housing First programme, in 'campus' style housing, wether adapted or specially built for the purpose.

Likewise we don't normally think of a hotel as 'general needs housing'. But in other countries there have been examples of hotels taken over to provide semi-permanent (ie: flexible tenancy) accommodation. In the UK, as a response to the COVID crisis, we have seen hotels brought into use as temporary accommodation.  So one question is whether this is a model to build on?

Further background reading/listening/viewing

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Library items: discussions

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