The pen and paper version

The pen-and-paper version of the Pizazz is now available, and it is entirely free to use.

It is however released under a Creative Commons licence (CC BY-NC-ND). This means that any use, or quotation, must be attributed; and no changes should be made.

This last stipulation has been made in order to ensure that there is consistency in the use of the Pizazz; and where any changes may be made as a result of feedback and future development work, there is a single point to which all suggested changes can be made, and from which all adaptations can be co-ordinated.


The digital version - and future developments

For the on-line version, there is a small licensing charge for use of the software developer’s platform - the iAbacus. The pricing structure of the software - at least in the version developed for schools - is based on three distinct packages, for senior, or  middle management, and for frontline staff. This range of costs - and much else - is published on their site, HERE.

But this also raises another possibility.

A small additional charge added to the licence fee would help to pay for on-going development costs, to ensure that the Pizazz remains up-to-date and reflecting the needs of the sector. If take up is sufficient this may also pay for the costs of maintaining this site, the PIElink, as the repository for so much of the background information, exploring ideas and promoting further innovations.

This therefore is the business plan option that we are currently pursuing, in discussion with potential partners.

The essential pack for the pen-and-paper version

The basic Pizazz assessment summary sheets are  HERE

The Pizazz Handbook, 'Useful questions',  is HERE

Pizazz assessment levels guidance is HERE

Advice for Pizazz assessment facilitators is HERE

Creative Commons licence terms are HERE


For the overall introduction to the Pizazz, see: Introducing : The Pizazz