The PIE Abacus - costs as income

Income generating and the digital version of the Pizazz - the PIE Abacus.

We are now in a position to release on sale the on-line version of the Pizazz, which we call the PIE Abacus.  For the on-line version, there must be a small licensing charge for use of the software developer’s platform - the iAbacus.

(Hence the name PIE Abacus for the use in PIEs. See 'Why is is called the PIE Abacus?': HERE ).

But this also raised another possibility.

A small additional charge added to the basic licence fee can help to pay for on-going development costs, to ensure that the Pizazz remains up-to-date and reflecting the needs of the sector. If take-up is sufficient this could also pay for the costs of maintaining this site, the PIElink, as the repository for so much of the background information, exploring ideas and promoting further innovations.

This therefore is the business plan option that we are currently pursuing, in discussion with potential partners.

  • The proposed pricing for the PIE iAbacus is based on a balance of competing factors. For maximum transparency, we can now spell out these principles  HERE.

You can also read more about the plans for re-investment of income, via the PIEs Re-investment and Networking Company ( PIRAN Co Ltd) : HERE 


But the Pizazz on paper is still free

The pen-and-paper version of the Pizazz is entirely free to use; and will remain so.

It is however released under a Creative Commons licence (CC BY-NC-ND). This means that any use, or quotation, must be attributed; and no changes should be made.

(See: How come its free? : HERE )

See (and download) also : Weighing the costs and 'value added" of the PIE Abacus  : HERE


Further background reading/listening/viewing

The simplest, most effective way to evaluate and improve your PIE from Daniel O'Brien on Vimeo.


The Pizazz

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The PIE Abacus

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Library items

Weighing the costs and 'value added' of the PIE Abacus : HERE

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