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Psychologically informed environments from the ground up : Service design for complex needs

In our own words

The preface and the postscript are the two places in this book where the author, Robin Johnson, speaks in his own voice.

Here he writes as the author not just of this book, but of much of the thinking about the development of PIEs ever since he first coined the phrase, simply to describe and promote, as he insists, what others were already doing.

"People do say that I 'invented' or 'created' PIE", he writes; but as I see it, that's not really true. You all did. I was just the one to give it  a name"

"I believe these are not my ideas, but yours. I have simply been the one to try to put them into words."

It has to be said, however, that this book, as a summary of where we have got to in this development, and where we may yet go, is very much his summary of where we are with PIEs, as he sees them.

NB: In the second book that he has published - in the same month - Robin takes a far more personal tone throughout, giving now his own views on a number of subjects, some of them somewhat contentious, in the development of PIEs (HERE).


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I : Preface

2 : Introduction : HERE

3 : Ideas in practice : HERE

4 : What is the PIElink? : HERE

5 : Five core themes : HERE

6 : Introducing the PIEs approach : HERE

7 : Good questions : HERE

8 : Pizazz and the PIE Abacus : HERE

9 : The future for PIEs : HERE


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