Psychologically informed boundary setting

On 2nd December, 2021, from 12.30 to 2pm, as part of the PIElink community of practice lunchtime forums, Season Three (HERE), we will be continuing the discussion on psychologically informed boundary setting in PIEs.

A PIE will usually* aim to be flexible and responsive; but still there are boundaries, and always we must sometime, somewhere, draw the line.

Can we have limits to availability, support, tolerance; and confrontations, exclusions and even evictions, that build rather than end the centrality of healing relationships?

Can we have – or rather, how can we have – boundaries set with Psychological Awareness?  What thinking, what tools and techniques can we share?  If this is something that your own agency wants to work on – just contact us.

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This discussion was one of the liveliest from Seasons One and Two of these lunchtime forums. We have a  brief summary - more of a commentary really - of some of the 'stand out', 'take home' points in the video opposite.

But no amount of summary of what was said can beat actually taking part, live, in the conversation.

You had to be there.


  • There may nevertheless be times when there is a case to be made for clear, consistent and even strict boundaries.  The 'concept' therapeutic communities that developed in the Unites States for people with addiction issues were both hierarchical - rather than 'democratic', as the European model TCs generally favoured - and strict rather than 'permissive'.

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