What works - for you?

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The PIEs 2.0 framework suggests that an attitude within services of 'learning and enquiry' could be seen as one of the hallmarks of a psychologically informed environment - one that keeps responsive, open to new experiences and finding new ways to work - asking questions.

Life is complex, and constantly changing; and many questions do not have a 'correct' answer. The point of the question is not to know the answer, but to explore the issue.

Here we aim to open up some wider issues, as new needs arise, and where new practice needs to develop, and probably - hopefully - always will.

But the key point here is not a particular question; it's more the attitude of questioning. Or, at the illustration below suggests, of not setting up any ideas, however enlightened and inspiring., 'on a pedestal'.

NB: In the Pizazz Handbook - 'Useful questions' - we have also suggested some more specific issues in the details of practice that services might consider, as questions they might ask themselves.


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