This page is so far little more than a placeholder for a mass of new material, arising from Robin Johnson's recent field trip to explore HF, TIC and PIEs, in the US.  (For a short account of the trip itself, and the workshop to follow, see the 'Transatlantic dialogues – A two way conversation' page.)

But for the benefit of new members from the US in particular, this is where we will start to post material on the likely relevance of the PIEs framework for services in the US and Canada.

Nevertheless, there is now SO much new material to share: some videos, a lot of soundfiles that might - with some artful editing - make good podcasts; and a lot of new ideas and insights that will need so much writing up,  that all we can aim to do is to release bits and pieces, piecemeal.

Some of this material, however, will be presented during the workshop that Robin is running, in July 2016, in Central London.  See 'Transatlantic dialogues – A two way conversation' for details