Research, development and assessment

Issues of research, service development and evaluation are so central to the emerging practice of psychologically informed environments that we (will) have here a Secondary Menu specifically on the subject.

Secondary menus have a link, in the Footer menu that appears on every page of the PIElink, that allows any reader/viewer at any point to quickly refer back to any related content.



Early stage development as a PIE, and introduction of the approach in new services, is covered in the main menus of the site. For further advice and support on development issues, we recommend the PIE leads forum discussions - which should be operative from the Spring of 2023 - as they can go into more specific areas.

NB: The Pizazz process was intended and designed to be a service development tool, as much as an assessment framework.  This use of the Pizazz id discussed more in the assessment area here, simply to save un-necessary duplication.



The PIEs research special interest group is not yet operative - though we do anticipate having regular forum discussions on research issues.  In the meantime, we have several PIE link pages on research, as seen from various angles; and in the links in the side panel, we bring all these together.

In the meantime, we have some pages critically exploring the suggestion that the PIEs 2.0 framework, intended to be a tool for research as well as development, is itself 'research-ready'.


Assessment and/or evaluation

Likewise we have a number of pages devoted to issues of evaluation, both in principle, and more specifically in the use of the Pizazz process for services' self assessment and development, and the PIE Abacus for networks and larger agencies..



Other key links

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PIEs and the Pizazz approach to assessment

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