Season Five will be different

Seasons One to Four have all run according to the same format: twice weekly forum discussions at lunchtime, Tuesdays and Thursdays, with a pre-planned topic decided in advance by the Editor, Robin.

(We did repeat some topics; and some have now gone on to become on-going discussions, in the Special Interest Groups : HERE)


Season Five will be different.


For Season Five we will invite any registered PIElink member who wishes to compare notes with others to suggest a topic, and a day and time that suits them.

We will then host the discussion on the PIElink Forums' Zoom room; and advertise the topic in advance to all members, via the mailing list. In principle** that will then go to approx 1,500 currently registered members - a wider circle of contacts than you would otherwise be able to reach.


If you are keen to discuss some topic, all you need to do at this stage is suggest a title - it needs to be short enough to appear as a headline on an email - and a few more sentences to add, to describe in more detail the topic you want to explore.

Then mail us with your request. Unless there is fierce competition for some particular day and time - which seems highly unlikely to be an insoluble problem - we can then simply agree the practicalities.


NB: you can also return to a subject that we have covered before. For the list of past topics, see the next panel.


  • 'In principle' - that is, there is no guarantee that members will open and read an email. That is one reason why a good title is important. You can of course also alert and invite any colleagues or others who you know to be interested in your suggested topic.

Further links and background

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(* An additional forum specifically to discuss service users' views of the proposed language of the recently revised version.  See also : PIE leads: using the Pizazz and PIE Abacus : HERE )


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