Seeking an 'Associate' for PIE Abacus support

Hands-on support to PIEs assessment and development

One clear suggestion that arose from the 2017 PIElink members' survey was that there is a need for hands-on in-put to assist services in their development. This is a need  that the PIElink itself, as a central resource, can hardly fill.

But across the UK - and to a much lesser extent, so far, in other countries - there are now many individuals and groups that are able to offer either one-off or on-going support (or both) to services that are developing as PIEs - whether on specific aspects, or across the whole range of the service.  Meanwhile, the publication of the Pizazz on paper led to a number of external trainers being asked to facilitate a Pizazz on paper exercise.

But the creation and release of the PIE Abacus creates further opportunities.


Hands-on support with Pizazz and the PIE Abacus

Any agency or network that wants to try the PIE Abacus can download a copy of the 'essential briefing for PIE leads'. (HERE)  They can then themselves [1]  register for a free trail, for a period.  They do that by simply going to the Abacus site (HERE), and clicking on the button that says "Free Trial". ( It really IS that straightforward!).

They will then get a conversation with the Abacus team, to confirm how many Abacuses they will want, to start with; and how long they will want the trial to last, to test it out sufficiently for them to feel confident in proceeding.

But the other option, which we would tend to strongly recommend, is for a conversation first with one of the PIE trainers in our 'Associates' group (HERE) to talk over what they need, and how to get the maximum benefit, at whatever size or stage each agency or network may be at.