Seniors and other long term support needs

The concept of a PIE - and later the more detailed framework - was first fully formulated primarily in the context of homelessness services in the UK and tended to use the language, and the examples, from that field. For many, it is still largely identified with that area.

But it has long been acknowledged that the roots of the PIE concept are both deeper and wider, for example with the expansion of supported accommodation for all vulnerable adults that came, in the UK, with the Supporting People programme.

Included in this were supported (or 'sheltered') accommodation for senior citizens and others; and accommodation with support for those with physical disabilities, learning difficulties, and long term mental health problems.

The expanded PIEs 2.0 framework was our attempt to encompass this wider range within the same overall model; and in recent years, we have seen a growing number of accommodation-based services coming to the PIElink for fresh ideas on creating more holistic supports.

There are many other sites* where those involved with these communities may find a far wider range of support models and examples to help them, including many that will stress the role of housing in creating a sense of community.

Here therefore we are interested in how far the wider PIEs framework has some value in long term support needs, whether in specialist or in general needs housing.  We do have a forum discussion evolving on PIEs in general needs housing; and we would be keen to hear from these and any more specilaist services now exploring this framework, in the context of long term needs.

  • Just in the UK, for example, we would recommend the Housing LIN (the 'Learning and Improvement Network') ; hact - the Housing Associations Charitable Trust; and Erosh - the Emerging Role of Sheltered Accommodation.




Further background reading, listening and viewing

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