Service users' PIE assessments

One of the more radical aspects of PIEs 2.0 and the Pizazz approach - so radical that it could be easily overlooked - is that is that it creates an opportunity for services users, alongside staff and volunteers, to also give their own views on a service, and to what extent it works for them, as a PIE.

The PIE Abacus software in particular is being designed in such a way that it is made possible for service users, whether individually or as a group, to in-put their own views and experience of the service, from their own perspective.

It is not necessary to be computer-literate to participate - or in fact, to be literate at all. Using the 'proxy in-put' feature, a key worker, a volunteer, peer support or admin worker can in-put the views of anyone, on their behalf.

Where it seems suitable - where, for example, middle managers or researchers may wish to hear directly service users' opinions - users can be identified by some designation of their role, just as any members of staff may be.  This is, however, entirely at the discretion of the service. NB: Users' views can only be shared where they have given permission for others to access them.


For this service user in-put to be most effective, however, we suspect we may need to modify and customise the language of the PIEs framework in some cases.  This is little different in principle to the ways that all facilitators must to some extent customise the language and the contexts of the framework to any one particular service.

We are therefore currently embarked on the process of developing a language for the key elements of the PIE approach that may often be more suited to the experience of users; but this will surely need to be customised for each context, and each individual. The ambition to keep one framework that works for all concerned is demanding; but it seems the right challenge to have.

The simplest, most effective way to evaluate and improve your PIE from Daniel O'Brien on Vimeo.

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