Some general advice on developing as PIEs

Whether new to the PIEs approach, or re-visiting this site after a while away, there is some fairly sound general advice, culled from ten years (and counting) of experience.

We can begin with some general points that are perhaps as much to do with clarifying what 'the' PIE is, as a way of seeing.

So 'the' PIE' is an umbrella concept - a new way of seeing it all as a whole. You can think of the PIE framework not as a collection of things you should or even could do; but rather, it is a lens through which to look again at what you DO do. And then ask yourselves - so, what shall we do now?

Instead, it's a way of looking at your work, that helps you see it all in a new light.  What you then do, in your particular situation and services, is up to you. This is just the beginnings of a discussion you will need to have.

That is - a point we make time and time again - the PIEs framework is NOT a list of a lot of things you need to do, in order to 'be a PIE'. There is no tick box.

But that said, we do have some tools for developing your services as PIEs that you will find helpful; the Pizazz in particular. A lot of the general advice on developing as a PIE is woven into these so thoroughly, that you may find this as a good a place to start as any, in looking at your services in this new light.


How does it all come together?

We believe - and this is what we hear from others - that the core elements of the PIE framework do work best when taken all together. There is a synergy between these parts, and the whole is bigger.

You might well think of them as being like different strands of a macrame plant holder.  They hang together.



Or try this. The PIE framework describes the elements that work best to support each other.


Q: when is a PIE not a PIE?

A: when it's a dome....dome diagram



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