Sponsorship, secondment and services in kind

Sponsorship, secondment and 'services in kind'

Besides the incubator partner' role (HERE) and other rather more conventional forms of philanthropic investment, there are several ways in which other agencies - 'fellow travellers' and 'friends of the PIElink' - might help and support the PIEs project during this, the transitional/start up stages of development.


  • At the moment, the PIElink has no sponsors (HERE) of any kind. This partly to maintain the independence of spirit and vision that motivated the early years of the PIEs project; but mainly because the PIEs and PIElink founder, Robin Johnson,  was a freelance consultant and, in law, a 'sole trader' - and so ineligible for many form of funding. With Robin's retirement the option of accepting sponsorship becomes more attractive, provided that the independence of the thinking is not compromised.


  • Larger agencies in the same field, with larger technical and other support teams, might be interested in providing on-going support to the PIElink team, in the form of a secondment of a member of staff for a few hours a week, probably for a specified purpose and/or for a limited period. Such support can help us to begin developing the future role of the site now, as funding applications go in for a more sustainable future.

Services in kind

  • An alternative and more limited version of secondment would be for one or more agencies to take on some valuable task on behalf of the project, such as segmenting the membership database, website design, organising a forum, or assisting with funding bids.

All such possibilities would be welcome from any agency that sees itself as a 'fellow traveller' or friend of the PIElink'; or equally, the spare time of a retired executive or similar person with skills they do not want to waste.

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