A consultation on language: the new homelessness Outcome Star

Triangle, the creators of the Outcomes Stars, are reviewing, revising and refreshing the language they use for many of their various stars, to keep abreast of current thinking on relevant issues and, especially on the language we use, to be non-judgemental and trauma-aware. This includes the Outcomes Star for homelessness – the first ever Star.

We here have suggested we might be able to recruit a few people or groups, to give them some feedback on the language in the new edition; and we are proposing an additional PIElink forum, specifically for service users (or what ever title?!?) at lunchtime on Thursday, 16th December.

If you would be interested in being involved, and/or know of others who might, could you get in touch, so we can think over how to get the most benefit out of the discussion?

We will have an additional forum discussion on Thursday, 16th December to share thoughts on this. To register, email : forums@pielink.net

A message from Sara Burns of Triangle:

This new edition responds to extensive consultation and feedback, including the need to be more appropriate for women, recognising that some people need ongoing support, and for the language to be more trauma informed, strengths-based and client centred.

As well as wanting feedback to inform the final version, we may also ask if we can quote people when we publish it

People can comment in one of three ways:

  1. Google form with questions https://forms.gle/nwcXfHzJxnHNN6id7
  2. Send me an email (HERE) with your feedback
  3. Email me to arrange a phone call

Any questions, just ask and hope to see you and some others on 15 Dec..

Further reading/browsing/listening

Users guide, draft for consultation: copies,HERE

For any other correspondence,  please email either Sara Burns (HERE) or Robin Johnson (HERE)


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