The PIE Abacus with services using PIEs1

The PIE Abacus  with services using PIEs1

For simplicity and consistency, the Pizazz on paper was created and published using the PIEs framework. Yet there are some services that do continue to use - and to promote - the earlier, PIEs 1 (or 'classic') framework.

It is rather harder to cite specific examples of practice, in PIEs 1 as a whole - although some areas, such as 'training and support', 'using the build environment', and a specific 'psychological model' - do lend themselves quite well to this.

But for those services that have invested time and effort into modelling themselves with PIEs 1, we have developed a version of customising of the PIE iAbacus that will allow you to use and copy in all the data that you may have, using the earlier model.

The full account, PIEs 2, is still there, only hidden behind the PIEs 1 phrasing; and where it does prove to be more useful to transition gradually to the more comprehensive account, this should now be relatively easy to manage.

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The simplest, most effective way to evaluate and improve your PIE from Daniel O'Brien on Vimeo.

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