An on-line version of the Pizazz

The PIE Abacus - an on-line version of the Pizazz

The pen-and-paper format for the PIzazz is a powerful self assessment and action planning process, that is well suited to smaller organisations, and/or to those at the beginning of exploring the PIEs 2.0 formula, to see what it has to offer.

But larger organisation and local commissioners are likely to find the on-line format - which we call the PIE Abacus - a very effective means to get an overview of services provision, locally or nationally. (See Why is it called the PIE Abacus?)

In a larger organisation, it is less helpful to be presented with a mass of paper forms to collate and interpret. Here, the analytical tools that the software offers may be particularly attractive - and cost effective.

Using the on-line software, teams across the country can in-put on-line their own self-assessment, and post it to Head Office, to help to shape a picture of how the organisation as a whole is performing. This organisation-level summary assessment can then be analysed for more in-depth view of progress, for example on a locality basis ( eg: all our services in the South West, or in Newcastle) or on a specialism basis ( eg: all our youth projects), or in terms of setting ( eg: all our accommodation-based services). 

Similarly commissioners in a locality, or any other funders, wishing to get an overview of local provision, needs and gaps, and future plans, can ask services in their locality or area of interest to in-put their data to a central monitoring hub.

Researchers likewise will be able to recruit services for research purposes, based on the extent to which the service identified particular strengths or needs, or intends to make progress in any particular area, with ‘before and after’ comparisons. ( NB: this facility is not yet available)

NB: Frontline staff will still be able to in-put their own initial and personal assessments of the service and its future development needs; and these can then be pooled into the team assessment. It is also a simple development to have an independent account of the service produced by a service users group.

The discussion, in doing this, is one of the most valuable parts of the process. It is not merely a happy accident or spin off, but central to the whole approach.


Short and long form assessments

Like the pen-and-paper format, the on-line version of the Pizazz, the PIE Abacus, also comes in two forms – the short form (headline themes only) and the longer form, with distinct areas on screen for each of the sub-themes under each of the five headline themes.

(For an explanation of the difference, see: Which Pizazz form is right for our service?)


The pen-and-paper format

The basic Pizazz assessment summary sheets are  HERE

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Pizazz assessment levels guidance is HERE

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'Coming soon - a foretaste of the PIE Abacus' is HERE 

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