PIE Abacus use and terms of use

The Pizazz on paper was issued for free; and will remain so. But the PIE Abacus, being software, comes with a cost for a licence.

The PIE Abacus has been developed as a tool for an emerging community of practice based  in creating and researching the effectiveness of PIEs (particularly but not exclusively in the work of homelessness and complex needs services).

Complex need work is itself a complex and fast changing field; and any new technology entering this area with an intent to assist, with the best will in the world, will need to be supported by a community of users participating and contributing to its on-going developed.

Use of the PIE Abacus entails a commitment to developing PIEs in practice; but also in contributing to the wider development of PIEs, including the Pizazz and the PIE Abacus itself.

Beyond a certain point, this is not something that can be pre-developed in its entirety.

So the term of use include being willing to participate, at least in giving feedback and helping to develop the project.   That commitment is entirely un-enforceable – in effect any level of contribution is voluntary  - and can only be entirely at your own pace and on your own terms. But we do expect a spirit of cooperation from PIE Abacus users.

As part of this mutual commitment to continuing development, half of the income from the sales of the PIE Abacus goes to a new company – the PIES Promotion and Income Distribution company, or PPID -  for promotion, support and development; and 80% of that is committed by charter/covenant to re-investment in the sector.


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Background materials

Early adopters please note; we are still drafting much of this material, and for the moment, all links are disabled

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