The 'Setting Up Services' forum - coming soon!

Hi everyone.

If you've come here looking for the 'Setting Up Services' forum, you have come to the right place. But just give us a few days while we get some text here, and some links to material you might find useful

Recap: Under the capable aegis of Dan Southall, this forum evolved organically in a spirit of peer/colleague co-production of knowledge and experience, originally from a dozen or so members two years ago, grown to some 70 or so today.

The Present:  Quite naturally, Dan is now moving on, and this great opportunity has come up to think about how best to harness and disseminate what is an incredible reservoir of knowledge and practice in the field of homeless psychological health (in its broadest sense).

The Future: Robin and his colleague Natalie have kindly agreed to include the Forum as one of its member groups on PIELINK and also curate it to the extent of circulating

Meanwhile : Forum meeting links.  Emma has kindly agreed to take up the chairing of the Forum from Dan.

Further ahead? :  As we all know Pathway has very capably enabled an 'Inclusion Health voice' to emerge nationally and also internationally, and I believe that a similar development could be enabled for an 'Inclusion Mental Health' voice to emerge, by exploring possible links and co-operation with the Pathway Mental health Group, chaired by Jenny Drife, consultant psychiatrist at the South London and Maudsley START homeless outreach team.

Could there be any mileage in further discussing and exploring this at all? Perhaps when we next meet, on-line?

Wishing you all a peaceful and recuperative Easter!


John Conolly,

UKCP reg Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist,

Lead Counsellor, CLCH NHS Trust, Homeless Health Service

Soho Health Centre W1D 3HZ

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