Three Models of the Origins of homelessness, and their implications for the ‘psychology’ in services

'Three Models of the Origins of Homelessness, and their implications for the ‘psychology’ in services' is the first full essay - after the lengthy introduction - that begins the collection of essays now published under the title 'Unfinished Business'

This essay is a re-working, in written form, of a video that appeared on the PIElink some time ago, which was itself a re-telling of a conversation which had seemed sufficiently relevant to re-make.

The original video is still available, but the account given here adjusts, amends and adds to some of the off-the-cuff comments from the video, with a view to publication in a journal, at some later date that never came.

The essay uses the same versions as the video, and the original conversation. In retrospect, a better metaphor for the third model, rather than 'Swiss cheese', might have been 'the sliding doors of luck'. This would convey as well or better the way that new paths can open up just at the right, or wrong time; and once they close, the individual may be trapped inside, powerless to escape until they re-open. That does over state the powerlessness though.

This would still have worked with simple equipment to hand - perhaps a beer mat or two.



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