Roll out and 'top-to-toe' PIE embedding

What is a Special Interest Group?

From 2022, we have planned to extend the PIElink lunchtime forum discussion programme with more on-going engagement via 'Special Interest Groups', or 'SIGs'.

These would be opportunities to get more actively and pro-actively involved in shaping the PIEs project into the future.

However, with Robin temporarily at least unable to manage this development for heath reasons, for the moment these plans are suspended.

With the forums for Season Five (HERE) now open for any member to propose a topic, it is easily possible that some of the topics may re-appear, either as one-off discussions, or in a continuous thread - which is the intention in a SIG, by other means.

For more on this approach see the PIElink Forums and Groups page : HERE

See also the page on the proposals for an advisory/editorial group, to oversee and promote the development of future forums and SIGS : HERE


A Special Interest Group for PIE leads

Our first Special Interest Group, on Wednesday, 2nd March, was specifically for PIE leads. By this, we mean anyone with the responsibility for introducing and promoting the PIEs approach in any medium to large organisation or network.

Each SIG (on-line) meeting will take a new topic; and for the first week, we will be exploring how best to introduce and to use the Pizazz; and when or whether to consider the new software version, the PIE Abacus.

In Seasons One, Two and Three of the PIElink community of practice lunchtime forums, (HERE), we returned continually to the discussion of 'top to toe embedding' of the PIE approach, throughout the whole of the organisation, from the Board of Governors to the frontline of services – from top to toe - and also to reach out to other services in their area. (See the video opposite/below for a summary).

Often it is then seen as the task of one individual, as a PIEs champion or PIE lead within an organisation or a network, to 'roll out' the PIEs approach - or, as some call it, to 'implement' PIEs.

(NB: This last is a phrase we are rather less comfortable with, as it implies something pre-planned, less flexible; which is not how evolution works. But this is something to discuss...)

That individual might be a member of staff, in the management team; or it might be a consultant brought in to advise; or a specialist, perhaps a psychologist, attached to the service. Either way, we have in mind the person the organisation looks to, to lead, advise, and take it forward.

An opportunity for PIE leads to talk over with others the challenges, the sensitivities and the opportunities seems welcome. This is clearly going to be a perennial issue; and one more suited to the extended, on-going engagement of a Special Interest Group.


Using the Pizazz for roll out.

At the same time, we are hearing that many services are finding the Pizazz an effective process for helping to embed the PIE way of thinking, and at the same time, to advance actual, practical, frontline-led development in the services where it is used; and the PIE Abacus seems an equally effective way to 'take this up a gear', in a larger agency.

For this SIG, therefore, we propose to combine these; to see how PIE leads or PIE Champions can learn from (and even support) each other; and how best we might use and develop the Pizazz and the PIE Abacus, in this work.


For more on the SIG, email : robin {at}

For more information and resources for PIE leads on the scope of the PIE Abacus, see : HERE and HERE





Further background reading/listening/viewing


This discussion was one of the liveliest from Season One of these lunchtime forums. In the diagram and video above, Robin Johnson sums up, as best he can, the range of issues that were discussed.

There is a case for trying to condense it still further, with listed bullet points. But it is the way that all these issues interweave and re-enforce each other that is the central message. So we won't.

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PLEASE NOTE: By its nature, the discussions on embedding throughout an organisation will have tended to be internal to each agency. There is less written - so far - for the public gaze, as 'case studies'.  As the discussions develop, we may expect to see more examples here.