The Transatlantic Exchange programme

HomelessLink in the UK and the National Alliance to END Homelessness (NAEH) in the US began a programme of exchange visits, creating opportunities for staff working in homelessness to take time out to visit opposite numbers in the other country, in order to enhance understanding and practice share between these two countries. 

Each exchange visitor is encouraged to keep a diary of their learning; and these diaries are then published, as reports, on the websites of the two partner agencies.

The Transatlantic Exchange programme ( or 'program' ) shows that it is possible to facilitate practice exchange and action learning between two countries, even so far apart geographically. Sharing a common language - al though with some significant differences in key terms - certainly helps.

In the section on Jay Levy's new book, Cross-cultural Dialogues on Homelessness, we include a Glossary of key terminology in the US and the UK, with all terms in alphabetical order, plus a diagram intended to indicate the vocabulary used in common or comparable areas of work

Recommended reading

Watch this space, as we hope to bring you some of the more directly relevant reports from exchange students..

But in the meantime, the full correspondence and past reports, year by year, between HomelessLink and NAEH is available HERE


'Divided by a common language'? - a US/UK vocabulary of homelessness terminology HERE

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