Using the whole environment

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Further reading, listening and viewing

Using the whole environment

Paula Corcoran on (audio) 'creative use of the surrounding environment' :  HERE

Supporting sex workers - the GAP project : HERE

Bus, tram, unicorn - Why my car is a psychologically informed environment : HERE

PIEs case studies – a selection of new and used material

NB: this collection of pages, and selection of examples, is incomplete.

We are gathering the material; but this will take some time; and these links and this material will be built up in stages. But the themes we propose to use are:

  • Introducing the PIE approach : HERE
  • Built environment and adaptations : HERE
  • Using the whole environment: This page!
  • Outreach, pathways, and environments without buildings : HERE
  • PIEs, communities and a sense of belonging : HERE
  • PIEs in 'campus' models and 'single site' Housing First : not yet ready
  • PIEs in therapy settings : HERE
  • 'Psychologically informed business environments' : HERE
  • Whole systems change : not yet ready
  • PIE Techniques : not yet ready
  • PIEs and ‘exclusion-informed research’ HERE

You will very likely find it more useful to scan the list by theme, with specific sub-sections, in which this same selection is re-shuffled and each individual example appears  - with sometimes more additional examples - under one or (often several) more useful headings.

For a similar approach ( and inevitably some overlapping material) see also: Recently added, in the Library : HERE