What are people saying about the PIE Abacus?

Pilots feedback

Here is a small selection of comments on the PIE Abacus, from those in the pilots:

"It’s easy to use and self-explanatory."

"It is easy to use and fits in with the general principles of PIE"

".....they’ve both found the way the Abacus works very helpful in focusing and streamlining the helping/hindering factors and the action plans."

".....with the overall score you can see exactly where you’re at within the services."

' (The) user guides were really helpful and all of the literature on the website was easy to understand."

"The full framework list of categories has comment boxes when you hover over them to help prompt you to the what exactly that category means which is helpful."

" I like how you can put actions and examples in."

"The fact that attachments can be included is really handy as it is all going to be in one place, at the right point (when reviewing the action plan)"

"I think it will be a useful tool in pin-pointing areas of concern/in need of development and how we approach it to resolve it. It allows the person to see how the journey has been completed. "

"It fits very well with our own development"

" I think we need to make it more systematic across a wider range of services to evidence its effectiveness"


The next steps

Please note that the comments above refer to the use by most services of the PIE Abacus internally, within the agency. We are now inviting participants for the next stage of these pilots - a more exploratory use of the Abacus for inter-service networks.

Further background reading/listening/viewing

The simplest, most effective way to evaluate and improve your PIE from Daniel O'Brien on Vimeo.

PIElink pages

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Library items

More feedback from the pilots:

Gareth Williams of POBL, on using PIEs 2, and piloting the PIE Abacus.

Anna Tickle, of Framework, on using the PIE Abacus in service evaluation of their learning

Ray Middleton & Sophie Boobis of Fulfilling Lives, Gateshead and Newcastle, on using the PIE Abacus in service evaluation