PIEs from the ground up - further links for Chapter 4

Chapter 4 : What is the PIElink?

NB: The 'Introduction' chapter (HERE) explains the intention to keep the exploration of PIEs in the book alive, dynamic and growing, by having links on this website to each chapter in the book - and vice versa.  This experiment in a creating a hybrid between a website and a physical book allows us to provide clickable links here to all the material mentioned in the book; and also to update this selection with new material, to keep it fresh and relevant to a changing world.


For those who are entirely new to the site, the ‘START HERE!’ page is the obvious place to start to explore this site. You will find it (HERE); also in the PIElink’s main menus via the ‘Home’ page, or the Quick Links (HERE).

There you will also find the links directly to:

  • Introducing the PIE approach : (HERE)
  • PIEs 2 - the basics (a.k.a. the Big Five themes) : (HERE)
  • Digging Deeper : (HERE)
  • Some general advice : (HERE)
  • The ‘Hot topics’ links  (in 'START HERE!'): (HERE)
  • Case studies and practice examples : (HERE)

NB: this list of introductory issues may be modified over time; but these key areas are likely to persist

There will be a constantly changing collection of internal communications, and this area will be modified quite extensively, in all likelihood, as the community develops further. For advice on navigating a site that is constantly developing, see the page simply called ‘Navigating’, also in the Home page menu (HERE).

Finally, there is a main menu link to the Resources Hub, which has the members’ library, the ‘Digging deeper’ pages (HERE), and many more.

There are also the pages on

  • the future development of the PIEs community (HERE),
  • the evolution of the PIEs idea (HERE)
  • the community of practice discussions (HERE) and
  • the organisation of this website (HERE).

Chapter contents links

All PIE publications : HERE

I : Preface

2 : Introduction : HERE

3 : Ideas in practice : HERE

4 : What is the PIElink? : HERE

5 : Five core themes : HERE

6 : Introducing the PIEs approach : HERE

7 : Good questions : HERE

8 : Pizazz and the PIE Abacus : HERE

9 : The future for PIEs : HERE


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