Level One licences

A standard PIE iAbacus licence is a Level One licence. This allows any agency (or network) to get a broad overview of progress and problem areas across their service as a whole.

This licence then gives the agency the scope to construct as many iAbacus forums as it needs to match its work, in which to record – and analyse - the views of all teams that the agency wishes to include initially[1] in its service overview.

The basic licence initially allows four iAbacus ‘forums’ per licence.  But for a small additional cost, an agency can increase the number of PIE iAbacuses it is allocated, crafting the focus of each to reflect the more specialist structures within the service.

When teams in any service are clustered in this way, provided all teams use the same Pizazz template, the data can still be stacked together to provide the all-agency overview. But it can now also be analysed in rather more detail, by specialisms.

For example, in the case of a housing association with both general needs and more specialist housing and support services, there can be a particular IAbacus for each area, to distinguish general needs from supported housing; short stay from long-term; youth projects, women’s services, day centres – whatever divisions seem useful to identify and explore  for common issues.

For some examples of this flexibility in practice, see:

Designing and adding additional PIE iAbacus forums HERE

[1] An agency with a Level One licence can always increase the number of teams it wishes to include at a later stage, for example as interest in the PIEs approach may spread.